My name is Ben Sutton. I am a ceramics designer/maker based in East London. Having originally made ceramics as a hobby, I have been selling my work and developing my practice as a ceramicist since summer 2014.

My work ranges from tableware to decorative bowls and vases, with an aesthetic that fuses Scandinavian design with Japanese simplicity. Working exclusively in hand-thrown porcelain, I aim to make work that is visually bold yet elegant and tactile. 

The reason I love making functional ware, is that the pieces I make aren’t limited to being a static display. Although I hope that people find a piece beautiful, I also want them to connect with it and incorporate it into their life through everyday use. Ceramics have a permanence and durability that means they can last indefinitely. I love to think that the pieces I make might become part of not just my story, but also the stories of many more people who will use it and appreciate it long into the future.

The main focus of my work is high-fired porcelain tableware and vases. From early on I was attracted to the unique qualities of this material. I loved how its smooth texture, translucency and whiteness are perfect for complementing and emphasising a clean form.

I like to make use of both glazed and unglazed surfaces. As an unglazed surface, porcelain has a wonderful tactility that encourages you to touch and hold it. For functional pieces glaze is necessary for practical reasons, but where possible I juxtapose this with an unglazed outside, or glaze halfway down the pot.

My work is heavily influenced by time spent growing up in Finland, finding particular inspiration in the homewares of Kaj Frank, Lisa Johansen-Pape and Alvar Aalto. This can be seen in my preference for clean lines, for simple forms, combined with occasional use of strong, glaze colour accents.  

If you have any enquiries or comments please get in touch. I take commissions and special requests.   


Instagram / benpsutton(at)gmail.com